Manhunt (The Making of)

‘Manhunt’ is an in-house project to showcase and experiment with different technical aspects when working with CGI and Visual Effects. It took us on and off about 2 months to complete this film, from pre-production to post production.’Manhunt’ is a dark, surrealistic revenge fantasy of animals on humans for the mess they have made.

The core idea for this short film is to switch the roles of humans and animals, hunters hunted, to show how the world could be like from the animals’ perspectives, and to put us humans in their shoes.

We had this idea for few years but until mid-2012, we decided to give it a green light.

It was a challenging process to us at that time due to limited resources and budget, but with the help our friends, ex-lecturers and family everything went smoothly. (A big THANK YOU to everyone who participated!)

We travelled to quite a lot of locations for this shooting eventhough we were using greenscreen for most of the shots. From contaminated lake to abandoned building, all the way to own-setup studio and greenscreen studio.

The main prop we used for the animal head is a cheap children mask bought from Daiso. Although it’s not that perfect and required a some rotoscoping in post-production but it still gets the job done.

As for the 3D models, we modeled some of the props and used free stock models from Turbosquid & TF3DM. It was challenging since not every free stock models that we find were exactly how we wanted it to look like. For some of the models (especially animal), we have to resculpt, retexutre and rig them. In certain cases, we have to combine a few animal models together to produce a final one.

Since this is an experimental project, we try to work around with a different renderer (Furryball) in Maya and play around with fire, cloth, fur & hair simulation.

Breakdown for one of the shot.

We even decided to get our hands on composing our own music/soundtrack for this film. Since we have enough musical knowledge combined and the right tools at home, why not make a full use of it right? Surprisingly, for a first timer, it turns own pretty decent!

Months after completion, we submitted the film to various film festival.

And also, one of the biggest achievement for us (or any indie filmmaker), we got Vimeo Staff Picked!

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This film definitely helped us alot in many ways; from learning experiences to exposures. Therefore once again, we would like to thank everyone who participated, helped and supported us in the making of this film!

Here’s the final video.

Manhunt – Short Film from Northern Lights Films on Vimeo.


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