Retrocraft The Making

The making of the two Retrocraft videos are like a fun rollercoaster ride. Involving many creative executions to bring out the best results. Starting from concept development, project management, animation & vfx, event coverage, we even involved ourselves in fabrication in this project.

We wanted to capture audiences’ attention in the very first teaser video. Since Retrocraft is about “retro” & “craftsmanship”, we thought the visual should start with it’s main material of the product which is Titanium. Throughout the process, it meets with other elements and form the brand.

See how we creatively executed the teaser in a home studio.

Moving on to shooting a short film for the brand launch. We made a film set to look like the olden times, to show the craftsmanship has a long history.

Here are some before & after screenshots from the short film.

After this shoot, client contacted us to produce the same set for their event. We felt honored to be able to recreate this for the event as there were many celebrities invited to the event, they all had a chance to interact with the set. We dare say it’s the most eye catchy section in the venue!

Here’s some screenshots we manage to collect from instagram.

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Lastly, I would like to share again the results of our hard work below.

Retrocraft Teaser:

  • Direction: Voon Fei
  • DP: Vince Cheong
  • Prop: Goldfish Lim
  • Artist: Hanji Liew
  • Post/CG: Northern Lights Films

Retrocraft Short:


  • Director: Voon Fei
  • DP: Vince Cheong
  • Set Design: Kheng Wai, Goldfish Lim
  • Post/CG: Northern Lights Films
  • Special Thanks: Jimmy Ong, Ljus Entertainment, Hanji Liew, Phua Cardin, Keryi Loh.
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